Tube 4×2,5 mm glass-vinylepoxy

Fiberglass tubes

The glass fiber tubes consist of a combination of glass fiber with a resin, for example epoxy resin, vinyl ester epoxy resin or polyester resin.
We adapt the type of resin to the desired properties of the end product.

The fiber package of the tubes is made up of several layers, resulting in a fiber volume content in a bandwidth of 55 – 65%.

Prince Fiber’s range includes a wide variety of tubes ranging in outer diameter from 3mm to 100mm. We make a distinction between thin-walled (up to 1.5mm) and thick-walled (>1.5mm) tubes.

Fiberglass is a strong insulating element. Glass fiber does not condense even at high temperature differences between inside and outside. This makes fiberglass tubes very suitable for use as an element in facades.

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